A well-crafted sales sheet should be the most versatile and potent weapon in your sales arsenal.


Deep Space Industries Product Sales Sheets


While Deep Space Industries (DSI) produces state-of-the-art smallsat propulsion systems, we determined that prospective customers were only aware of the company’s more exotic, long-term endeavor (asteroid mining), and were unaware that DSI is a supplier of superior spacecraft components in today’s marketplace.


Develop marketing collateral instruments — often referred to as Sales Sheets or One-Sheets — to create awareness about DSI product offerings while supporting in-person and online sales efforts. The DSI sales sheets were designed to:

   –  Convey important technical product specifications and performance characteristics
   –  Showcase key differentiating product features
   –  Demonstrate customer and mission benefits with the use of DSI products
   –  Maintain consistency with the DSI brand
   –  Be adaptable for future updates and extensions to the DSI product line


The sales sheets were used extensively by the business development team, both as “leave behinds” for in-person sales meetings and as email attachments for sales funnel interactions. Additionally, the sales sheets were directly responsible for generating a significant increase in new sales leads from conferences and events such as the 2016 Small Satellite Conference, the 2017 Paris Air Show, and others, and contributed to multiple high-values sales conversions in the following months.

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