Aligning your company mark (logo) with your mission and values is essential in building the brand.


Brand Delta-V Visual Identity Refresh


Replace the first generation Brand Delta-V logo with an all-new visual identity that more completely reflects the company’s brand position, brand values, and service offering.


Develop an all-new brand color palette and logo. The logo includes a logotype, graphic device, and a solution for using the Brand Delta-V slogan.

Color Palette

The new palette consists of basic orange, a mid-tone gray, and white. From a branding and marketing perspective the use of Orange in a logo combines the best qualities associated with Red (e.g., Coca-Cola, Target, Netflix) with Yellow (e.g., McDonalds, IKEA, Sprint). Orange is also associated with creativity, impulse, confidence, and energy. Put another way, if Red is a power lunch, Orange is a liquid lunch. Finally, the color Gray adds to the brand by connoting balance, subtlety, calm, and intelligence.


The new Brand Delta-V visual identity is a composite mark (logo) combining a symbolic graphic device with a bold logotype.

Graphic Device With the new graphic device, a sans serif capital ”V” is knocking out the delta (triangle) shape. Together, the two elements combine to represent “delta-v” (or change in velocity/acceleration). The three resulting shapes (one diamond and two equilateral triangles) represent our three service offerings — marketing, public relations, and investor relations. The three shapes also represent the major business phases in our clients’ startup where our services can have the greatest impact: fundraising, sales, and building goodwill.

Logotype – Subtle design qualities in fontography can pack a powerful punch in a logotype. So we chose Helvetica Neue Bold for its classic, clean styling and confidence-inspiring familiarity. The logotype carries through the color palette and separates the words, eliminating the need for extra spacing. As a nod to the first generation Brand Delta-V logo, we incorporated a colored circle separator, this time in the new gray.


The new logo and color palette were successfully implemented across Brand Delta-V’s website and promotional materials. Timed to coincide with an important industry conference, deployment of the new brand identity created opportunities to interact with new clients and re-introduce our brand to existing ones.

Active promotion of the new identity has resulted in two new customers, several new sales inquiries, and significant positive feedback from clients and prospective clients, alike.

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