CHEAT SHEET: NewSpace 2018

An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Capitalizing on NewSpace 2018

By Meagan Crawford

A friend (who is also a client of Brand Delta-V, and a space entrepreneur) recently asked my opinion on how he could make the most out of his time at the upcoming NewSpace conference. As the industry’s ‘best deal flow conference,’ NewSpace 2018 promises to have a high concentration of investors, customers, and partners for any space entrepreneur. But how can you make the most of your time, balancing  taking private meetings with being at the right events and sessions? How can you ensure that you’ll get a good ROI from the conference?

I’ll try to answer these concerns below, highlighting a few of the sessions that I think will be most helpful for entrepreneurs, and the places where you’re sure to find the networking opportunities you’re looking for. I’ve also created an “Easy Button” for you. Simply click on this link to view a Google Calendar with all these events already scheduled. And don’t forget to find me at the conference. You now have access to my calendar, so you’ll know where I’ll be. Mention this blog post during happy hour and I’ll buy you a drink! 

A Video Recap of NewSpace 2017


You’re a startup. So you’re always fundraising. Attending an event that has a high-concentration of investors interested in your industry is like hitting the conference jackpot. The NewSpace conference has historically had a high density of space investors and this year will be no different. The following investors are confirmed as sponsors or speakers. And you can be sure there will be many more in attendance.

  • Ubiquity Ventures (sponsor, networking break, Tuesday 10:30AM)
  • Space Angels Network (Joe Landon, panel session, Wednesday 1:30PM)
  • In-Q-Tel (Tom Gillespie, panel session, Wednesday 1:30PM)

Partnerships and Government Support

NASA isn’t the only place to find support for early stage space technology anymore. In a rapidly expanding industry, funding and partnership opportunities are coming from new and unexpected places. NewSpace 2018 will provide a few great opportunities to learn about new resources for your startup:

  • Tuesday. 2:00PM Panel Discussion: NewSpace and the Military
    Military activities have long been at the bleeding edge of space technology, but militaries no longer have an absolute advantage over commercial capabilities. As the number of actors in space grows, the ability to conduct clandestine activities diminishes. In this panel, high-ranking members of the U.S. military discuss recent changes and new directions in military space activities and how the commercial space sector can play a role in the future.
  • Wednesday. 9:30AM Panel Discussion: International Space Development
    The recent boom in commercial space activities has been followed closely by an explosion of government space activities in a record number of countries. Now, countries that once had no visions for space exploration are funding space agency activities for national objectives. In this panel, representatives from multiple nations discuss their growing space portfolios and long term national goals.

But of course, you’d like some NASA money too. Learn more about SBIRs, STTRs, and what the agency is looking for next.

  • Thursday. 9:00AM Keynote: Mike Vinje, Manager – KSC SBIR/STTR
    Mike is the Small Business Technology Manager at Kennedy Space Center where he leads KSC SBIR/STTR activities and assists with technology development.


For any future-minded entrepreneur, exit opportunities are always on the mind. NewSpace 2018 provides an unique opportunity to understand how the the markets, and Wall Street, are thinking about the industry. Understanding this information is vital to your discussions and negotiations with investors, so don’t miss this panel!

  • Tuesday. 11:00AM  Panel Discussion: Space: A Trillion Dollar Market?
    Over the past three decades, the Space Frontier Foundation has been promoting commercial space as a means towards space settlement, while doing so in an economically successful way. Now, major banks are forecasting large markets and are preparing to put up serious capital to fund the commercial space boom. In this panel, representatives from the largest banks in the world will discuss their forecasts on this emerging industry.


Scaling your business is key to success. And to scale profitably, you need to be preparing now for what customers will want tomorrow. Start planning for the future by learning how your customers and competitors are thinking about tomorrow.

  • Thursday. 9:30AM Panel Discussion: Next Wave in LEO
    New activities in low-Earth orbit are emerging as potential revenue generators beyond just the small satellite industry. In-space transportation, assembly and manufacturing, and the operation of commercial space stations are closer to being an economic reality than ever before.  In this panel, leaders from some of those companies will discuss their future activities in LEO, the challenges they face, and the threats from competition.
  • Thursday. 11:00AM Panel Discussion: The Economy Beyond GEO
    As sovereign nations look beyond Earth orbit to conduct space activities, commercial companies will be ready to serve them in pursuit of those activities as well as others that can create economic sense along the way. From space tugs and probes to mining and in-situ resource utilization, there are many activities that can revolutionize the way we expand human presence beyond Earth. In this panel, leaders that will be driving and supplying the economy beyond Earth orbit will discuss the promise and perils of our economic expansion into the Solar System.


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