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Title: “Santa to the Moon”
Artist: Sonny Cole
Single Released: 1958

Christmas in Legacy Space
• Christmas Eve, 1968. The world watched as the crew of Apollo 8 — Frank Borman, Jim Lovell, and Bill Anders — became the first humans to orbit the Moon. They were also the first astronauts to spend Christmas in space

• But they weren’t the last. In 2002, Santa delivered Christmas gifts to the crew of Expedition 6 — Ken Bowersox, Donald Pettit, and Nikolai Budarin — on the International Space Station from the Shuttle, Soyuz, Progress, and reindeer-drawn spacecraft

The Week in NewSpace – December 18, 2017
• NASA revealed this week that they will screen Star Wars: The Last Jedi for the astronauts aboard the International Space Station as they orbit Earth

• Satellite startup, OneWeb, announced this week that they will receive a $1 billion investment from the Japanese internet and telecom giant, SoftBank. OneWeb plans to make use of satellites to provide internet access to rural and emerging markets

A Christmas message from the crew of Apollo 8

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