Brand Delta-V becomes the NewSpace industry’s first marketing company

Proof that the NewSpace industry is ready to play with the ‘big boys’? It now has a dedicated marketing agency.

HOUSTON — Brand Delta-V, a new marketing company serving the global NewSpace industry, opened its doors today.

“We believe that leveraging the power of world-class business-to-business marketing will be critical in the success of NewSpace companies and the entire commercial space industry,” explains Jeff Valentine, creative director at Brand Delta-V. “It was for this simple reason that Brand Delta-V was born.”

Brand Delta-V is the first marketing company exclusively dedicated to what many describe as the ‘NewSpace’ paradigm — a new wave of up-and-coming commercial space companies that are developing an off-world economy. Brand Delta-V’s mission is to deliver to its NewSpace clientele marketing strategies that increase sales, communications tactics that increase investment, and public engagement campaigns that amplify awareness.

“After nearly a decade of working with space startups, we’ve found that ‘marketing’ is consistently treated as a dirty word in the NewSpace industry,” comments Meagan Crawford, Brand Delta-V managing partner. “Consequently, entrepreneurs often fall short in sharing their vision with investors and customers. Brand Delta-V is changing this. We have proven that targeted marketing efforts can be a major competitive advantage for these companies, helping them land the next big contract or close a funding round.”

Brand Delta-V is the first full-service marketing agency dedicated to NewSpace, offering customized solutions to meet the external communications needs of this unique group of enterprises. More detailed descriptions of the company’s premier services and world-class team can be found online at

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