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Brand Delta-V Blog Article Infographic


Present source advantages of deep space mining on the Moon versus asteroids in a concise, easy-to-digest way. The presentation needed to be informative and appeal to a wide audience — from rocket scientists to space “fanboys”.


Create an authoritative infographic that makes the case for deep space mining on the Moon and on asteroids. The infographic was specifically designed to carry the most critical information in the event it should be viewed independent of the accompanying blog article on space mining, e.g., as an image search engine result. It was also designed to be visually striking with bold, stylized titles and a side-by-side hero image of the near-Earth space objects.


Since its publication last June, the Space Mining: Moon or Asteroids article and infographic is the second most visited blog post on the Brand Delta-V website. Perhaps more impressively, the infographic continues to come up as the number one result in an image search on Google for “moon or asteroid mining”. Go ahead, see for yourself.

Why Should You Use Infographics In Your Marketing?

Infographics are a critical component in all your marketing efforts, because infographics:
1. Make complex content more understandable and interesting
2. Position you as an expert and thought leader
3. Grab the attention of your target audience
4. Increase brand awareness
5. Help make your content go viral on social platforms
6. Significantly increase your search marketing results
7. Help increase your subscribers and followers
8. Are re-purposable for all media: presentations, website, sales sheets, email marketing, etc.
9. Are easy to track with analytics
10. Bottom line is, infographics help you close deals

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