Full Funnel Marketing. Brand Delta-V Style.

Increasing sales means proactively managing your buyer’s journey, through every stage of the funnel.

Consider this. According to leading marketing research firm, Forrester Research, your potential new customer’s “buyer’s journey” is often 90% complete before they contact your company.* So, if you want to earn new business, you’ll need to manage that 90% of the buying process that happens before your potential customer ever reaches out. And that’s where Brand Delta-V’s “Full-Funnel Marketing” comes in.

The marketing funnel describes the decision-making process (or buyer’s journey) your potential new customers will experience. From the first contact with your brand at the top of the funnel to the ultimate purchase at the bottom, it explains what’s on your customer’s mind at each stage, as well as the tactics Brand Delta-V can deploy to meet their needs along the way.


Buyers concern – May or may not be aware of their need for your products and services but is open to solutions that will help grow their business.
Marketers response – Introduce your brand. Make them aware your brand is the solution they’ve been looking for. Tactics may include SEO, branding (logo and tagline), advertising, press releases, social media marketing, events.


Buyers concern – Learning more about how your products and services will benefit their business and align with their needs.
Marketers response – Focus on benefits. Demonstrate how they will benefit from your products; educate them on buying criteria. Tactics may include website, email marketing, social media marketing, advertising, newsletters


Buyers concern – Gathering all available information about your products and services in order to decide if a purchase from you is the best option.
Marketers response – Focus on features. Provide all the product and service details they’ll need to make their purchase decision.Tactics may include website, product sales sheets, blog articles, white papers, capabilities brochure, case studies


Buyers concern– Evaluating the purchase decision itself and getting the most from your products, services, and customer relationship.
Marketers response – Honor their trust. Offer your gratitude and engender confidence in your company and their purchase decision. Tactics may include ‘Thank You’ premium items, product guides, corporate forms, stationery/business system


Buyers concern – Reaffirming their own purchase decision by recommending your products and services to allies, strategic partners, and associates.
Marketers response – Keep them satisfied. A satisfied customer will evolve into a promoter of your products, services, and brand. Tactics may include VIP gifts, branded merchandise, social media marketing, email marketing, newsletters

Give us a shout to learn more about how Brand Delta-V’s Full-Funnel Marketing approach can establish and promote your brand in the marketplace, accelerate your sales, and help you reach your revenue goals.


* “Buyer Behavior Helps B2B Marketers Guide the Buyer’s Journey,” Forrester Research’s Lori Wizdo.

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