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Welcome to Brand Delta-V, your source for access to space entrepreneurs. We are here to help you tell the story of the most exciting new business sector in human history. We want to introduce you to the companies and entrepreneurs that are making it happen. As the NewSpace Marketing company, Brand Delta-V is very well connected in the market, so even if they’re not one of our current clients, we can likely make an introduction to any company you want to talk to.

What interests you and your publication about the space industry? Brand Delta-V is happy to consult with you on content, as well as introduce you to the entrepreneurs you want to hear from. Reach out to us today with any specific requests, or sign up for our Media Newsletter to receive the latest news about NewSpace. 


Upcoming Events

Brand Delta-V, and many of our clients will be attending these upcoming events. Please reach out to us directly to pre-schedule interviews or learn more about the events and who will be attending. 

Small Satellite Conference

August 2 – 8  Logan, UT

The definitive conference for the booming small satellite industry. The 33rd AIAA/USU Conference topics include the technical issues, development considerations, and new opportunities that result from an ever-growing trend toward missions using tens, hundreds, or even thousands of small satellites to achieve revolutionary effects.

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International Astronautical Conference

October 21 – 25  Washington D. C.

At the 70th International Astronautical Congress 2019, you can expect nearly 200 technical sessions, daily plenary sessions, panel discussions and special events that will inspire global innovations in space.

For press inquiries, send an email to:


New Worlds Conference

November 15 – 16  Austin, TX

The New Worlds Conference is a space settlement conference focused on bringing together astronauts and artists, engineers and entrepreneurs, NASA and NewSpace, to have discussions among those who are making it happen right now.

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November 20 – 21  Houston, TX

Developed in conjunction with NASA, Department of Commerce and the commercial space industry, SpaceCom provides businesses a clear course to gain a competitive advantage in the coming trillion-dollar space economy.

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