Branding is the active, intentional effort of creating and managing customer beliefs about your company and your offering. Strategic brand management can — and often does — mean the difference between whether a startup survives or perishes. It’s an absolute must, make-or-break first step for any NewSpace startup like yours in the early stages. You need it, we do it.

Strategic Brand Positioning
Customer Pain Point Identification
Logo Design and Logo Refresh
Color Palette Development
Company and Product Brand Naming
Tagline and Slogans
Brand Standards and Usage Guide
Business Cards

Stationery and Business System
Branded Merchandise
Office Signage and Decor
Value Propositions
Elevator Pitch
Executive Personal Branding

“Brand Delta-V challenged us to dig deep and helped us discover the true essence of the Rhea brand. Now we know exactly how to present and sell our company, moving forward.”   CEO, Rhea Space Activity


There are only two core business functions: production and marketing. Marketing contains every effort you make to deliver what you produce to your customers – the product itself, its pricing, where you sell it, but most importantly, how you promote it. That’s where we come in. With strategic, professional-grade marketing, we’ll help you guide your customers through their “buyer’s journey” – from building awareness, to consideration of how your product solves their problem, to their final decision to buy from you.

Lead Generation and Capture
Marketing Plan
Website Development
Web Content Refresh
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Demo/Explainer Video
Sales Presentation
Sales Sheets
Capabilities Brochure

Email Blasts and Newsletter
Blog Articles
White Papers
Social Media Management
Public Relations
Event Sponsorship
Trade Booth Design and Development
Conference Support Materials
Trade Advertising

“We couldn’t have done this without you. And we — the engineer-people — didn’t say it enough. Brand Delta-V played a big role in helping us appreciate the importance of marketing our work.”  CTO, Deep Space Industries

Investor Relations

Extending your runway is more than just generating revenue. It’s also fundraising. The first step in raising money is perfecting your pitch. We speak ‘investor’, so we know how to communicate the benefits of your startup in helping persuade investors to buy your stock. We also know what it takes to reinforce stakeholder confidence as you grow your company. And when it’s time for your next round of funding, we’ll give you the materials you need to hit your target and close on schedule.

Fundraising Strategy Development
Investor Pitch Deck
Presentation Coaching
Elevator Pitch
Executive Summary
Business Plan Advising

Public Relations
Media Exposure Coaching
Quarterly Investor Updates
VIP Gifts
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Executive Personal Branding

 “Trust me, nothing turns off a venture capitalist faster than amateur materials. You only get one chance to prove that you’re worth betting on. And you gotta nail it.”  Founding Partner, SpaceFund

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