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Marketing experts. To the stars.

We create the change in velocity you need to reach your company’s revenue and fundraising goals. One stellar project at a time.

Brand Delta-V

Acceleration for your evolving NewSpace company.

If you’re reading this, it means you’re smart enough to know that professional marketing is the best way to level up your commercial space business. You’ve come to the right place.

We’re Brand Delta-V, the NewSpace marketing company. We understand your industry, your competitors, and most importantly, your customers. We’ll help you:

Build your brand   •   Grow your business   •   Extend your runway


Our Services

Establish. Accelerate. Evolve.


Perception is reality. Branding is a do-or-die opportunity to intentionally shape how investors, customers, and employees think and feel about your company. We help you tell them who you are, what you stand for, and why you’re the best.


Revenue is king. But before your customers buy anything, you’ll need to show them why your killer product is the perfect solution for them. Our powerful, targeted marketing tactics for NewSpace startups will drive your customers to a purchase decision.

Investor Relations

Fundraising is hard. The trick is to capture investor interest by looking credible, presenting the right information, and executing an air-tight fundraising strategy. We build on years of fundraising expertise to help you sell your stock and extend your runway.

Who We Are

The NewSpace marketing company.

It’s right there in our slogan.

We understand your company has a golden opportunity to be a part of opening the frontier of space and developing a sustainable off-Earth economy for generations to come. We exist to help you leverage this opportunity.

Jeff Valentine, Co-founder & President

Jeff Valentine, Co-founder & President

As the client’s brand and customer champion within the agency, Jeff Valentine drives the strategic, tactical, and creative output for Brand Delta-V. Jeff is a marketing and branding expert with more than two decades working for business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) brands of all sizes.

In 2009, he left the agency world and went out on his own, bringing brand strategy, campaign development, tactical planning, and creative services directly to B2B startups and companies. Jeff’s first commercial space client came on board in September 2015. Other NewSpace enterprises would follow. Jeff holds an MA in psychology from the Adler Graduate School.

Meagan Crawford, Co-founder

Meagan Crawford, Co-founder

Meagan is a NewSpace industry pioneer with a breadth of experience across finance, investing, management, entrepreneurship, communications, marketing, and team building. She is a strong believer in the power of free enterprise as the driving force that will lift humanity off-world.

Meagan specializes in helping companies communicate the benefits of their product, brand, and stock offering. As a successful entrepreneur herself, she draws on years of experience across a wide range of B2B industries. In the past decade, she has turned her expertise towards the most exciting new business sector of this generation: NewSpace. Meagan holds an MBA from Rice University.

BDV Blog

Full-Funnel Marketing

Increasing your sales means proactively managing the buyer’s journey, which is often 90% complete before your customer ever contacts your company. So, you need to manage that 90% of the buying process. And that’s where Brand Delta-V’s “Full-Funnel Marketing” comes in.

Extend Your Runway

We have some ideas about how to extend your runway and we’d like to give ’em to you for free. The good news is, there are several ways to extend your startup’s runway. Brand Delta-V can help you bring in new capital from investors, customers, and partners.

Marketing Tactic: Infographics

When it comes to the really important stuff about your business and your products, don’t just tell them, show them! Infographics are a critical component to your marketing efforts, making complex content more understandable and interesting.

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