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Title: “Contact”
Artist: Daft Punk
Album: Random Access Memories
Released: May 17, 2013

The Year in Legacy Space – 2013
• “Contact” was the last song to appear on French electronic duo Daft Punk’s fourth album, Random Access Memories. The song features NASA audio from Commander Eugene Cernan, the final man to walk on the Moon during his Apollo 17 mission

• In the fall of 2016, a feature-length documentary based on Gene Cernan’s autobiography of the same name, The Last Man on the Moon, premiered to both critical and fan accolades

• Less than one month before the release of “Contact” that year, NASA was engaged in a serious of tests to determine how to prevent insect remains from sticking to aircraft wings

The Week in NewSpace – Novemeber 13, 2017
• The country of Luxembourg announced that it will be investing $70M in the San Francisco-based Spire Global, to support engineering, data analytics, and business development work with the Earth viewing satellite company

• According to Jeff Foust at SpaceNews, “XCOR Aerospace, a company that for nearly 20 years had been working on rocket engines and a suborbital spaceplane, filed for bankruptcy Nov. 8 after it was unable to line up new investors.”

Trailer for the 2016 documentary, The Last Man on the Moon

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