Title: “Jack Names the Planets”
Artist: Ash
7” Vinyl Single Released: February 1994

The Month in Legacy Space – February 1994
• Northern Irish post-punk trio, Ash, released their very first single in February 1994; the intriguingly-named “Jack Names the Planets” would skyrocket them to pop stardom and provide their fans with an early indication of their fascination with space and the space-related songs to follow

• Around the same time, NASA’s Space Shuttle mission STS-60 became the first flight in the Shuttle-Mir Program; a collaborate space mission between the U.S. and Russia. Sergei Krikalev would become the first Russian cosmonaut to fly aboard a Space Shuttle

The Week in NewSpace – October 23, 2017
• Tucson-based launch company, Vector, announced that it is planning on Virginia as its first orbital launch site as soon as summer 2018; Vector has successfully launched its affordable rocket platform from sites in California and Georgia

• On Thursday, the Virgin Group announced that it had reached an agreement with the Saudi Arabia sovereign wealth fund to receive a $1 billion dollar investment in their suborbital and orbital space tourism venture

Mission patch for the Shuttle-Mir Program

Mission patch for the Shuttle-Mir Program

Discovery Channel segment on Vector

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