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Title: “With Jupiter In Mind”
Artist: Joe Satriani
Album: Crystal Planet
Released: March 3, 1998

The Year in Legacy Space – 1998
• Many thanks to Kinga Sternik, co-founder of Space Individuals, for suggesting this week’s SSOTW. Crank it up, it’s Joe Satriani!

• When Joe Satriani debuted his instrumental masterpiece, Crystal Planet, NASA astronaut and U.S. Senator, John H. Glenn was training to return to space after 36 years on terra firma. In 1962, Glenn became the first American to orbit the Earth during Project Mercury

• Senator Glenn made his historic 1998 journey aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery at the age of 77, becoming the oldest person to fly in space. Fittingly, he was the subject of a research project to investigate the similarities between space flight and aging

The Week in NewSpace – September 18, 2017
• Space Individuals is a startup company near Munich, Germany. According to their website, “We are the fastest growing professional jobs and recruitment site [for the] high-tech aerospace world. We hold a database of hundreds of space jobs, employee’s testimonials, photos of the offices, company activities and events.” Be sure to sign up up for the Space Individuals newsletter to stay informed about new jobs and upcoming features

• On Monday, Northrop Grumman announced that it will acquire Orbital ATK in a $9.2 billion deal. In their announcement Northrop stated that, “Orbital ATK will operate as a fourth division of Northrop Grumman, alongside aerospace systems, mission systems and technology services.”

• The Northrop Grumman announcement was met with mixed reactions. Some analysts expressed concerns over “ongoing efforts to modernize the [U.S.] intercontinental ballistic missiles”, and “a larger, more vertically integrated company would leave the military with fewer choices in certain sectors of the market.” To some, it seems, the first stage is “half empty” when it comes to this deal

Pilot John H. Glenn in front of his capsule, Friendship 7

Pilot John H. Glenn in front of his capsule, Friendship 7 — named in honor of his cadre of Project Mercury astronauts and the tight bond they shared

The Orbital ATK Minotaur 4 launch vehicle. Credit: Orbital ATK

The Orbital ATK Minotaur 4 launch vehicle. Credit: Orbital ATK

BONUS VIDEO: More proof that Stewart Copeland is an extraterrestrial

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