Title: “Johnny B. Goode”
Artist: Chuck Berry
Album: Voyager Golden Record
Compilation: Selected and arranged by Carl Sagan, Frank Drake, et al.
Released: August 20 and September 5, 1977

The Year in Legacy Space – 1977
• About this time of summer back in 1977, NASA launched twin space probes — Voyager I and II — to explore the gas giants of the outer solar system and their moons; a mission they dubbed the Planetary Grand Tour. Considered by many to be the most important deep space mission in NASA history, each Voyager probe carries a special recorded message, commonly referred to as the Golden Record

• A deep space message in a bottle meant for an advanced alien civilization to retrieve, the Voyager Golden Record contains greetings, natural sounds, 31 songs, and 115 images reflective of the human condition and life on Earth. Let’s hope the ETs are into vinyl or know a wedding DJ (actually each Golden Record comes with a stylus and playing instructions)

• Tracks on the Voyager Golden Record include everything from Beethoven to Azerbaijani folk music. And “Johnny B. Goode”, of course

• After forty years, both Voyagers are going strong and approaching the heliopause — the region of space where the Sun’s gravitational influence begins to decrease — marking the beginning of their interstellar exploration phase

The Week in NewSpace – August 28, 2017
• To coincide with the 40th anniversary of the launch of the Voyagers, the complete collection of tracks from the Golden Record has been pressed to vinyl and made available to audiophiles and space nuts for the very first time; even Carl Sagan, in 1977, wasn’t given a copy of the compilation he was responsible for curating

• Also in celebration, NASA issued an open call for entries to send short, uplifting messages to Voyager with the hashtag #MessageToVoyager

The Golden Record cover (bottom right) mounted on the outside of the probe and the playable Golden Record record (upper left) secured beneath

The cryptic markings of the Golden Record cover deciphered

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