Title: “Girl from Mars”
Artist: Ash
Album: 1977
Released: May 6, 1996

The Month in Legacy Space – May 1996
• There’s much speculation about why Northern Irish post-punk band Ash chose to name their record 1977. One theory holds that a couple of the band members were born in 1977. Another points to seminal punk rock records released that year, including Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols. Yet the strongest argument may be that it’s because 1977 was the year the film Star Wars premiered

• As fate would have it, when the Ash album was released in May 1996, NASA was prepping the Space Shuttle flight, STS-77, for launch later in the month, a mission devoted to opening up the commercial space frontier

• NASA sent up a Coca-Cola soda fountain with STS-77 to test if carbonated beverages could be produced from separately stored carbon dioxide, water, and flavored syrup without bubble nucleation and resulting foam formation. Turns out, it could

The Week in NewSpace – July 24, 2017
• Deep Space Industries brought XCOR co-founder Doug Jones on board to lead the development of next generation propulsion systems for the asteroid mining and spacecraft technology company

• United Launch Alliance (ULA) and Pittsburgh-based Astrobotic announced that Astrobotic’s robotic Peregrine lander will ride a ULA Atlas V rocket on its first trip to the moon’s surface in 2019


The purported girl from Mars as captured by the NASA Curiosity rover

The purported girl from Mars as captured by the NASA Curiosity rover

So, why did Ash name their album 1977? Press play and all will be revealed (Hint: TIE Fighters)

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