Title: “Walking on the Moon”
Artist: The Police
Album: Reggatta de Blanc
Released: October 2, 1979

The Year in Legacy Space – 1979
• The Police were busy in the studio putting together their hit song “Walking on the Moon” — a tune that came to lead singer Sting in a hotel room in Munich while he was drunkenly “walking ‘round the room” — when NASA’s decommissioned space station, Skylab, decayed in its orbit and impacted Earth. Debris from Skylab was strewn everywhere from the Indian Ocean to Western Australia

• On May 9, the NASA Pioneer Venus 2 spacecraft sent five separate parts into the atmosphere of Venus at an average speed of 26,100 mph. Before their destruction they relayed scientific data on the climate, chemical makeup, and atmospheric conditions of the planet

The Week in NewSpace – July 17, 2017
• Space flight software company, Kubos, announced the release of the first complete, end-to-end, open-source software solution for small spacecraft

• Parliament in the nation state of Luxembourg adopted the draft law on the exploration and use of space resources. The law provides that space resources are capable of being owned and establishes the procedures for authorizing and supervising space exploration missions


It’s rumored that the album title is a pseudo-French translation of “White Reggae”

It’s rumored that the album title is a
pseudo-French translation of “White Reggae”

A pictoral schematic of the Skylab module

A pictoral schematic of the Skylab module

Bonus video of Stewart Copeland of The Police on the drums. Evidently, he’s some sort of extraterrestrial

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