Title: “Apollo 9”
Artist: Adam Ant
Album: Vive Le Rock
Released: September 1985

Notable Years in Legacy Space
• Believe it or not but when the “Apollo 9” video landed on MTV in 1985, it was considered a relatively macho display for Adam Ant and his cohort; having spent the previous five years confusing an impressionable audience in the U.S. and U.K. as androgynous buccaneers

• While Adam and the boys were crooning their vaguely space-related non sequiturs on basic cable, NASA was busy making the final preparations for the maiden voyage of the Space Shuttle Atlantis in early October 1985. STS-51J, it was reported, successfully delivered a classified satellite payload for the U.S. Department of Defense

• In March 1969, Apollo 9, the third manned space mission referenced in this week’s song, will likely be most remembered for the first flight of the Lunar Module (LM) in Earth’s orbit. The mission would also count among its successes the first docking and extraction of a LM, two spacewalks (EVA), and the second docking of two manned spacecraft (after the Russians and their transfer between Soyuz 4 and Soyuz 5, two months prior)

The Week in NewSpace – July 10, 2017
• On Wednesday, Moon Express announced that it is working on a fleet of spacecraft aimed at low-cost space exploration of the Moon, Mars, and beyond

• A report by the Satellite Industry Association found that the satellite industry generated more than $260 billion in revenues in 2016, an increase of two percent over the previous year


Adam Ant. Top 5 prettiest artists on the early ‘80s New Wave scene.

Adam Ant, top 5 prettiest artists on the early ‘80s New Wave scene

Apollo 9 was crewed by Commander James McDivitt, CSM Pilot David Scott, and LM Pilot Rusty Schweickart.

Apollo 9 was crewed by Commander James McDivitt, CSM Pilot David Scott, and LM Pilot Rusty Schweickart

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