Title: “Rocket Man (I Think It’s Going to Be a Long, Long Time)”
Artist: Elton John
Album: Honky Château
Released: April 14, 1972

The Year in Legacy Space – 1972
• A mere two days after Elton John released the hit song “Rocket Man”, Apollo 16 (Commander John Young, CSM Pilot Ken Mattingly, and LM Pilot Charlie Duke) lifted off from launchpad 39A on the penultimate moon shot. Apollo 16 successfully explored the Descartes Highlands for more than 20 hours, covered nearly 17 miles on their lunar rover, and returned more than 200 pounds of samples to drooling geologists back on Earth

• May 2017, the official music video for “Rocket Man” (above) premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. It was the winner of a competition for independent filmmakers to create a music video for this and two other Elton John songs from the 1970s; another of which was “Tiny Dancer”

• In the history of the NASA Astronaut Corps, nobody deserves the sobriquet “Rocket Man” more than Captain John W. Young. A U.S. Navy aviator and test pilot, he has the longest career of any astronaut (42 years); he’s the only man to command missions for the Gemini, Apollo, and Space Shuttle programs (Gemini 3 & 10, Apollo 10 & 16, STS-1 and STS-9); he’s the ninth man to walk on the Moon; and the Mission Commander of the very first Space Shuttle flight in 1981

The Week in NewSpace – July 3, 2017
• NASA rocket people Peggy Whitson and Jack Fischer celebrated Independence Day on Monday (they had pre-scheduled science operations on the 4th) with a patriotic photoshoot aboard the International Space Station

Vector announced that it closed a $21 million funding round and plans to use the funds to accelerate testing of its Vector-R small launch vehicle


"Rocket Man" John Young, Apollo 10 Command Module Pilot, Apollo 16 Commander

“Rocket Man” John Young, Apollo 10 Command Module Pilot, Apollo 16 Commander

Launch of STS-1, Space Shuttle Columbia

Bonus video with another Elton John song from 1972.

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