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Title: “Sundome (featuring Yamantaka Eye)”
Artist: Battles
Album: Gloss Drop
Released: June 6, 2011

The Year in Legacy Space – 2011
• The Space Shuttle Atlantis touched down for the last time on July 21, 2011, marking the end of the shuttle era for NASA. A little more than a month earlier, New York City-based math rock band, Battles, released their groundbreaking record, Gloss Drop. The album featured several noted guest musicians including Gary Numan, the artist responsible for the legendary New Wave song, “Cars” (see video below)

• In April 2011, NASA conducted on-ground and emissions tests of aviation biofuel. Aviation biofuel — besides being a great band name — refers to the fuel’s base of animal fat rendered from chickens and cows, undoubtedly producing the most delicious smelling space missions so far

The Week in NewSpace – October 2, 2017
NanoRacks, product developer for the commercial utilization of space, announced on Tuesday that the company had successfully raised funds to support development of a commercial airlock module for the International Space Station

• On Thursday, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence announced that the current administration is committed to sending astronauts to the Moon. The announcement was a part of the National Space Council’s first meeting since being reinstated after the previous administration disbanded the council

Mission patch for STST-135, the final flight of Space Shuttle Atlantis. The gold omega symbol represents the final flight of the NASA shuttle era

Mission patch for STS-135, the final flight of Space Shuttle Atlantis. The gold omega symbol represents the final flight of the NASA shuttle era

BONUS VIDEO: From 1981, the official music video for Gary Numan’s classic, “Cars”

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