Title: “Space Travel”
Artist: Yellowcard
Album: Lights and Sounds
Released: January 24, 2006

The Month in Legacy Space – January 2006
• Five days before American pop punk outfit, Yellowcard, released this week’s song, the NASA interplanetary space probe New Horizons launched from Cape Canaveral atop an Atlas V rocket directly into an Earth-and-solar escape trajectory

New Horizons would fly for another nine and a half years before rendezvousing with Pluto, becoming the first probe to explore the demoted dwarf planet

• Today, the much celebrated space probe is on a flight path to its secondary mission of studying Kuiper belt objects, scheduled to begin this week next year

The Week in NewSpace – January 1, 2018
• On Thursday, Orbital ATK announced that it had reached a second deal with Intelsat to service another of its aging satellites

• Stunning look-back images of the Earth and the moon captured by OSIRIS-REx — the NASA space probe dispatched to study asteroid Bennu in late 2018 — were released Wednesday (see image on the right)

Pluto’s “big heart” as seen from the interplanetary space probe, New Horizons

A composite image of the Earth and moon as seen from the asteroid space probe, OSIRIS-REx

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