Full-Funnel Marketing

Increasing your sales means proactively managing the buyer’s journey.

Consider this. According to a leading marketing research firm, Forrester Research, your potential new customer’s “buyer’s journey” is often 90% complete before they contact your company.* So, if you want to earn new business, you’ll need to manage that 90% of the buying process that happens before your potential customer ever reaches out. And that’s where Brand Delta-V’s “Full-Funnel Marketing” comes in.

The NewSpace marketing funnel diagram describes the decision-making process (or buyer’s journey) your potential new customers will experience when it comes to your products, services, and company. From the first contact with your brand at the top of the funnel to the ultimate purchase at the bottom, it explains what’s on your customer’s mind at each stage and the things Brand Delta-V can help you do to meet their needs along the way.

* “Buyer Behavior Helps B2B Marketers Guide the Buyer’s Journey,” Forrester Research’s Lori Wizdo.

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Start proactively managing your buyer's journey today.


First order of business: Drastically increase the likelihood you’ll make the sale. Every time.

Marketing Strategy

Brand Delta-V will build you a custom roadmap to guide your customers through their journey. From initial awareness, to consideration of what you have to offer, to a final decision to make a purchase.
– Deep-dive & insight discovery
– Competitive/ Consumer/ Marketplace analyses
– Brand positioning
– Strategic planning
– Marketing plan


Tactical Planning

Your new marketing strategy is only as good as your ability to roll it out and see it through. Brand Delta-V will make sure that you are engaging your customers at the right place, the right time, and at every step along their buyer’s journey.
– Website
– Sales materials
– Events and conferences
– PowerPoint planning, design, content
– Infographics

Creative Execution

Once you’ve determined your approach and you have the attention of the audience, it then comes down to messaging. What you say and how you say it becomes the final, and perhaps most important, marketing action in the process of acquiring new business.
– Messaging strategy
– Visual & verbal brand identity (logo/tagline)
– Creative direction
– Copywriting & art direction
– Online content development

Public Relations

 Let Brand Delta-V’s expert relationship managers build trust in your brand, introduce you to top news media personnel, and create an amplification effect on social networks.

Public Engagement

The widest part of the funnel, for both customers and investors, is your relationship with the general public. Does the world know who your company is?
– Website & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
– E-Newsletters
– Online directories
– Wikipedia & public listings
– Contact Us & FAQ management

Media Relations

Get your company featured in top publications – the ones your customers and potential investors read. Take advantage of Brand Delta-V’s unparalleled relationships with top media personnel, and get your news heard.
– Press releases
– Targeted network of reporters
– Features in top publications

Social Networking

Amplify your message through social sharing. Enable your customers and partners to advocate for your brand and stay top-of-mind through a targeted social presence.
– LinkedIn optimization
– Profile management
– Cross-platform coordination
– Personal audience interactions

Investor Relations

Investors are customers, too – only they’re shopping for stock. Do you know how to effectively market to this audience? Let Brand Delta-V’s startup experts help your team effectively raise capital.


We speak “investor.” Put Brand Delta-V’s deep expertise in space entrepreneurship to work for you, ensuring that you have the right pitch, and the right materials to back it up.
– Fundraising strategy
– Pitch deck & elevator pitch
– Financial projections
– Business plan 


Finding investor prospects is fundamentally the same process as finding customers. Let Brand Delta-V help you market your investment offering to the right audience.
– Website
– Media placements
– Event coordination
– Due diligence preparation

Follow Through

The best way to find new investors is to keep your existing investors happy. A robust investor relations program will set you up for success in your next round by turning your existing shareholders into advocates for your company.
– Annual reports
– Quarterly investor updates
– Shareholder meetings