NewSpace 2017

One Conference to Rule Them All

I know that it feels like you get a million conference invitations per year. Maybe you actually get 30 conferences a year hitting you up for large sums of money and berating you with reasons why you should be at their conference instead of building your business. You can’t possibly go to ALL of them. But you know you should go to SOME of them. So which ones should you go to?


As the name of the conference implies, this is all about the NewSpace industry. In fact, the group that puts on this conference (the Space Frontier Foundation) coined the term “NewSpace” many, many years ago as a replacement for the term “Alt+Space.” Now, I’m not just telling you to go to this conference because my company is a sponsor and I happen to be on the Board of Directors for the organizing non-profit. I am sponsoring, and I donate my time, because this is the best networking opportunity in the industry.

Seriously. It’s all about you. And people like you. By the people. For the people.

Still not convinced? Here are 10 reasons that I’m going to the conference (and sponsoring it), and why I’m highly recommending that all my clients attend as well:

1. NewSpace is essential attendance for networking with top space industry influencers: Thought leaders. Potential partners. Prospective investors.

2. If you’re going to attend just one industry networking event this year, make it count — go to NewSpace.

3. Discover the people, technology, and ideas shaping and leading the industry.

4. NewSpace is where venture capitalists and angel investors meet companies and make deals.

5. NewSpace is the most reasonably priced top-level conference out there, making it the ideal destination for space startups.

6. Your clients, customers, partners, funding agencies, and investors will all be in the same place at the same time. Isn’t this the perfect opportunity to schedule in-person meetings and close that next deal?

7. The panels and talks are targeted at providing useful, actionable information to entrepreneurs in the space industry — it’s perfect for you!

8. It’s a great opportunity to catch up with me — I’ll buy you a drink!

9. This conference is FUN (they have wicked parties).

10. If you’re looking to expand your team, this conference is crawling with bright, young potential hires.


The Details: