Marketing experts. To the stars.

The NewSpace marketing company, Brand Delta-V provides you with targeted marketing, pitch-perfect messaging, and right place/ right time engagements with your prospective customers, the media, and investors.


It’s the change in velocity you need to reach your company’s revenue and fundraising goals.


Don’t staff up. Let us do your marketing. One stellar project at a time.

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What We Do

Create the tools you’re looking for to accelerate your business.


Consider this. According to a leading marketing research firm, Forrester Research, your potential new customer’s “buyer’s journey” is often 90% complete before they contact your company.* So, if you want to earn new business, you’ll need to manage the 90% of the buying process that happens before your potential customer ever reaches out. And that’s where Brand Delta-V’s “Full-Funnel Marketing” comes in.

We design and deploy only the most effective marketing and public and investor relations tools to control your customer’s buyer’s journey. To find out how we do this, keep reading.

* “Buyer Behavior Helps B2B Marketers Guide the Buyer’s Journey,” Forrester Research’s Lori Wizdo.


Brand Delta-V will build you a laser-focused marketing strategy, backed by powerful messaging, and presented in the right place and at the right time to maximize your sales opportunities with prospective customers.

Public Relations

Once you have a message, let us help spread the word. Brand Delta-V’s expert relationship managers can build a network that will amplify your message and increase awareness of your product, company, or stock offering.

Investor Relations

Investors are customers, too – only they’re shopping for stock. Using our Full-Funnel Marketing techniques, Brand Delta-V’s startup experts will develop a fundraising strategy that will help your team get noticed and get investment.

“We couldn’t be doing this without you, and we (the engineer-people) don’t say it enough. You’ve played a big role in helping me appreciate the importance of marketing our work, and I hope we can chat more, not less, as I’m eager to learn.” 

~ Grant Bonin, Chief Technology Officer, Deep Space Industries

Who We Are

The NewSpace marketing company.

It’s right there in our slogan.

We understand your company has a golden opportunity to be a part of opening the frontier of space and developing a sustainable off-Earth economy for generations to come.

We exist to help you leverage this opportunity.


“Great job with the brand positioning! Please proceed with the next step of our reinvention with all due haste. We’ve got clients to reach and jobs to close. Giddy up!”

~Tom Keilty, Principal in Charge, UEB

How We Think

Take a peek under the hood. Read the Brand Delta-V blog.

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