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Acceleration for your evolving NewSpace company.

Sell your stock. Sell your products. Sell your company.

Establish. Accelerate. Evolve.

Fundraising, sales, and M&A? Yep.

Brand Delta-V is the change in velocity your NewSpace startup needs to reach its revenue and fundraising goals.

Marketing experts. To the stars.

Whether your NewSpace startup needs to fundraise, launch a new product, grow sales, or position for an exit, Brand Delta-V will provide you with the insight, strategy, and tactics to achieve your goals. We’re more than just marketing experts. We’re startup acceleration experts.

Sell your stock. Sell your products. Sell your company.


The first step in raising money is perfecting your pitch. We speak ‘investor.’ We know how to communicate the benefits of your startup and help persuade investors to buy your stock.

Increasing Sales

We understand your industry, your competitors, and most importantly, your customers. Simply put, we know how to target your customers, sell your products, and grow your company.

Strategic Positioning

Preparing for the future is critical in establishing stakeholder confidence. We help you enlist advocates, create goodwill, and build your brand to set you up for long-term success.

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Marketing Tactic: Infographics

When it comes to the really important stuff about your business and your products, don’t just tell them, show them! Infographics are a critical component to your marketing efforts, making complex content more understandable and interesting.

Marketing Tactic: Sales Sheet

A well-crafted sales sheet should be the most versatile and potent weapon in your sales arsenal. Brand Delta-V can develop a marketing collateral instrument — often referred to as a Sales Sheet or One-Sheet — to create awareness about your products and support in-person and online sales efforts.

Marketing Tactic: Logo Design

Designing your company logo to align with your mission and values is essential to building your brand. We’ll show you how we did it for our agency, Brand Delta-V.