Acceleration for your evolving NewSpace company.

Sell your stock. Sell your products. Sell your company.

Establish. Accelerate. Evolve.

Fundraising, sales, and M&A? Yep.

Brand Delta-V is the change in velocity your NewSpace startup needs to reach its revenue and fundraising goals.

Marketing experts. To the stars.

Whether your NewSpace startup needs to fundraise, launch a new product, grow sales, or position for an exit, Brand Delta-V will provide you with the insight, strategy, and tactics to achieve your goals. We’re more than just marketing experts. We’re startup acceleration experts.

Sell your stock. Sell your products. Sell your company.


The first step in raising money is perfecting your pitch. We speak ‘investor.’ We know how to communicate the benefits of your startup and help persuade investors to buy your stock.

Increasing Sales

We understand your industry, your competitors, and most importantly, your customers. Simply put, we know how to target your customers, sell your products, and grow your company.

Strategic Positioning

Preparing for the future is critical in establishing stakeholder confidence. We help you enlist advocates, create goodwill, and build your brand to set you up for long-term success.

Brand Delta-V Leadership

Brand Delta-V was created for one purpose — to bring world-class consulting services to the rapidly evolving NewSpace industry. We are startup, marketing, and strategy experts with decades of experience in NewSpace and other high-tech, busines-to-business sectors.

Meagan Crawford, MBA

Founder, Managing Partner

As managing partner, Meagan builds relationships, manages strategic output, and provides unparalleled market insight to all of Brand Delta-V’s clients.

For the last decade, Meagan has been a driving force in the rapidly growing NewSpace sector as an executive, entrepreneur, and consultant. Formerly, she was the COO of an asteroid mining company, an executive consultant in the oil & gas industry, and worked at NASA’s Technology Transfer Office. As a successful entrepreneur herself, Meagan draws on years of experience across a wide range of industries including oil & gas, entertainment, consumer products, and biotech.

Since 2009, Meagan has managed the NewSpace Business Plan Competition, where she has reviewed hundreds of business plans and coached dozens of teams on strengthening their investment offering. She holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Finance from Rice University as well as a BBA in Management and Marketing from the University of Houston.

You can read more about Meagan on LinkedIn:

Jeffrey Valentine, MA

Founder, Creative Director

As the client’s brand and customer champion within the agency, Jeff Valentine drives the strategic, tactical, and creative output for Brand Delta-V.

Jeff is a marketing and branding expert with more than two decades working for business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) brands of all sizes. In 2009, he left the agency world and went out on his own, bringing brand strategy, campaign development, tactical planning, and creative services directly to B2B startups and companies. Jeff’s first commercial space client came on board in September 2015. Other NewSpace enterprises would follow.

Jeff holds an advanced degree in behavioral science which, he’ll tell you, not only gives him deep consumer insights but is critical in identifying rational and emotional appeals that alleviate your customer’s “pain points”. He is a member of the Tucson Amateur Astronomy Association.

You can read more about Jeff on LinkedIn:

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